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- Hosting of web sites, blogs, forums
- Hosting of private mail services with encryption
- Hosting of private encrypted instant messengers
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- Video hosting (streaming): Are your videos censured on Youtube? Host them on TVS24.ru, either on ur public free site (here) either on your private site (example here). More info here.

- Blogs and sites hosting: French "Avia" law strongly limits freedom of speech. TVS24 will host your pages on any CMS (Wordpress, Spip etc) with full confidentiality. More info here.

- Forum hosting: Get your own forum, you can chose design, you will manage it in full. Click here to go to forumlibre.org

- Create your personal mail service and use emails@yourname.com. Service can be private or public, you decide. Mails can be PGP encrypted to guarantee full confidentiality. More info here and an example here.

- Do you know that Whatsapp resells your personal data? We can host your private messenger system, fully encrypted. More info here.

- Use our Russian VPN to hide your IP address to your French providers! More info here.




TVS24 is a Russian service, hosted in Russia, fully managed by Russian citizens living in Russia. All contents of our hosted services must fully comply with the Russian Federation law. We do not reply to any request from foreign (non Russian) authorities and will reply only to requests from Russian authorities.

Compliance with Russian Federation law makes that we do NOT accept any kind of content concerning nazism, homosexuality, suicide, terrorism and organizations categorized as "terrorist" in Russia, narcotics. We also decline contents that violates Authoirs Rights.

We also will not accept, by our own decision, porn content, warez and torrent links.

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